What Do Vegans Eat?

What Do Vegans Eat?

Here’s how the conversation usually comes up…

**Some sort of social setting**

Family/Friend/Stranger: “Do you want some of this *insert non vegan dish*?”

Me: “No, thank you so much though.”

Family/Friend/Stranger: “Are you sure? We also have some *insert another non vegan dish*”

Me: “No, thank you, I’m actually vegan!”

Family/Friend/Stranger: *Takes another look at the food and offers something else that is assumed to be vegan because no meat is visible*

Me: “Really, it’s fine haha.”

Family/Friend/Stranger: “So you don’t eat any meat?”

Me: “Nope. No meat. No eggs. No dairy.”

Family/Friend/Stranger: “No meat, eggs, OR dairy? Then what can you eat?”

Me: *Pulls out my phone to show them pics of tons of delicious vegan food*

Family/Friend/Stranger: “That looks good, but I gotta have *insert meat or meat byproduct*.”

Me: “Yeah, I used to think I did too.”

So, what do vegans eat? Oh, ya know, just the bajillions of all of the wonderful fruits and veggies God has placed on this earth. After I went vegan, I realized that there’s actually a huge selection of them. Like, SO many fruits and vegetables. And so many ways to prepare them. And guess what? That food that you adore, there’s a vegan version. Ice cream, chocolate, candies, chips, burgers, cheesecake, etc. As far as the meats, some vegans find meat substitutes and love them, but I don’t eat them often and don’t miss meat or meat textures at all.

On this site, whether you’re curious about the vegan lifestyle or you’re changing your dietary habits and need some motivation, you’ll find out what vegans eat. Hopefully you’ll give some of it a try. You just might find out that vegan food isn’t so weird after all!

Wishing You Much Love and Veggieness,


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