Hi! Welcome to Love & Veggieness, where passion and health thrive and plants are used for all things lovely!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Briana and I have a fascination for all things food related– cooking, nutrition, food safety, and so forth. I also have experience and education related to my fascination, having interned in the food industry, and having earned a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Tuskegee University (HEYYYY TUSKEGEE!), a Master’s degree in nutrition from Auburn University (War Eagle!), and having worked as a child nutritionist as well as a nutrition consultant. I am happily vegan and have been so since 2014.

I’m wife to Rashaad, an amazing husband who’s graciously vegan with me most of the time, and mom to a strong, smart, happy vegan infant / soon to be toddler named Nova.

After experiencing vegan pregnancy and still experiencing vegan while breastfeeding, I feel even more equipped to help people adopt plant based lifestyles in a way that’s best for their bodies.

I like to cook, travel, read, learn, and share my love of nutrition and natural solutions to our daily needs with others!

This blog is centered toward a plant-based lifestyle which I wholeheartedly support; however, I am also an advocate of baby steps/small changes and did not become vegan overnight (you can read that story here).

I decided to blog so that I could encourage others to be more conscious of the foods that they put into their bodies and to make people more aware of the awesome properties of plants beyond food. In my daily life, I use plant based items for so much more than meals. From the plants in my house to the herbs that I use when I don’t feel well, to the skincare products that I choose, veggieness never lets me down!

My goal is to motivate people to take full advantage of plants and to reach their dietary goals whether it be to improve their health or to finally lose weight. I love being a resource for people who are new to navigating the world of healthy eating and vegan life, so I’m thrilled to have this platform to interact with those who are interested.

Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, request new blog topics, or reach out for individualized dietary assistance!

Wishing You Much Love & Veggieness,